How It Works

Work Safe Pays is a powerful safety incentive tool packaged as an easy-to-use bingo game.  Convenient, intuitive, and fun, Work Safe Pays will reignite your safety culture and help you save thousands in insurance costs in the process.  Your employees will take home great prizes, and you could win the ultimate jackpot: an incident-free workplace.

Everybody wins with WorkSafePays

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will employees feel pressured to hide injuries?
When it comes to OSHA compliance it’s always better to “Play it Safe”! Therefore Work Safe Pays is recommending that within the context of our Safety Incentive program, injured workers never be eliminated from game play after the injury has occurred. That way, there can never be an assertion the injured worker was discriminated against.
If there is a “Violation of a Safety Policy without injury” then we can recommend eliminated from a game.
What prizes should I use?
Cash is the easiest prize to give away, but feel free to get creative. What about an extra vacation day? Or a new TV? Remember, you can also set prizes to automatically increase as new safety goals are achieved for maximum engagement.
What if some of my employees don’t have smartphones?
No smartphone? You can still benefit from Work Safe Pays. Print out paper versions of bingo cards with a unique ID that links each card to an individual employee. Even if some employees play the paper-based game, you’ll still be able to monitor their progress from the same easy-to-use dashboard.