Work Safe Pays is the Smartest Way to Incentivize Workplace Safety

Work Safe Pays helps lower liability costs by encouraging smarter, safer behavior. Win at workplace safety without losing employee interest.


Our Responsive Platform Supports Your Workforce On The Go.

Say Goodbye To Risky Business

Reduce insurance expenses

As your accidents begin to decrease, so will your insurance expenses. During the first year of implementation, similar safety incentive programs have reduced accident claims by an average of 50-60%.

Make safety a daily priority

Daily gameplay prompts employees to think about safety every day, quickly turning safety into a daily routine.

Boost team accountability

Keep track of who’s engaged and who’s not. Harness the power of positive peer pressure to keep everyone on their toes.

Revive your safety culture

Safety doesn’t have to be dull. Work Safe Pays is a rewarding and entertaining way to bring safety to the forefront of your company culture.

"Work Safe Pays keeps our employees focused on safety while saving us money.  It’s one of the smartest investments we’ve ever made."